#foodfriday: pure fruit ice cubes


these ice cubes made purely of fruit are a wonderful way to sweeten up water or lemonade, not to mention how healthy, visually appealing and delicious they are.  you can also make detox water with them.  all you need is your favorite fruit, a blender, and an ice cube tray.  you can blend different fruit for a mix of flavors, or keep each fruit separate (which is what make the ice cubes pictured look so vibrant).

here’s are some ideas of fruits to use:

  • kiwi
  • berries (ex. blueberry, strawberry, etc.)
  • pineapple
  • watermelon
  • cherries
  • mango
  • guava
  • orange
  • apple
  • lime

and more!

recipe via herbs info.


coachella inspiration: kate bosworth

coachella inspiration: kate bosworth

we were inspired by kate bosworth’s coachella look, where she rocked some chunky black flatform sandals like our “modern rebel” pair. accessorize with unique, kitschy pieces like star stud earrings & our color blocked heart purse.

#musicmonday: “happy” by robert delong


get your week started off right with fresh tunes. 

why we’re feeling “happy” this week:the flowers are blooming and the weather is finally starting to warm up! so whether you’re walking among the cherry blossoms in d.c. or smelling the roses in your garden, take a listen to robert delong‘s lighthearted song, “happy.” robert delong, an indie-electronica musician hailing from bothell, washington, keeps us skipping along the sidewalk to his upbeat rhythms and cheery synths.

originally playing the drums for indie rock bands, he started adding electronic influences to his music after attending raves. he is known for using obscure devices to make music, such as wii remotes and video game joysticks. his greatest influences are death cab for cutie and modest mouse, which are clearly present on his debut album, “just movement,” released in 2013.

get cultured: vahram muratyan’s “paris vs new york: a tally of two cities”

we are charmed by graphic designer vahram muratyan’s “paris vs new york: a tally of two cities,” a graphic representation of the differences he has chronicled between the two renown cities.  described as a “friendly visual match,” the images are minimalist illustrated parallel portraits, and were turned into a book in 2012.  muratyan has announced a new book in the works, to be released this upcoming fall.



head on over to brain pickings or muratayan’s website for more info and whimsical images.

#musicmonday: “sleepless” by flume ft. jezzabel doran


get your week started off right with fresh tunes. 

flume, otherwise known as harley edward streten, is a electronic music DJ, music, producer, & instrumentalist hailing from australia.  though only 22, flume has had incredible success on the australian music sales charts, and we can see why.  “sleepless” featuring jezzabel doran, is a track that you can play over and over and never get sick of; it’s ultra mellow but maintains an upbeat vibe that will hook you and keep you on repeat.