#musicmondays: “you took your time (feat. king krule)” by mount kimbie

get your week started off right with fresh tunes.

conscious rap + indie electronic + three-dimensional sound = masterpiece. mount kimbie‘s “you took your time” featuring king krule is a downtempo, auditory collage of voices, sounds, and effects. the song evolves from a casual verse from king krule into a complex web of chaos, strung together with cymbals, delay, reverb, and all sorts of natural sound effects. mount kimbie is an electronic music duo based in the UK and formed from Dominic Maker and Kai Campos in 2008; the duo has released two albums, titled crooks & lovers and cold spring fault less youth.

#musicmonday: “reach lines” by chad valley

get your week started off right with fresh tunes.

have you ever taken a bunch of random fruits, thrown them into a blender, and come out with an amazing new smoothie? chad valley‘s “reach lines” is just that, except more of a musical smoothie than a culinary one. the song starts out with ambient pads, psychedelic clicks, and a light piano loop and then splashes into a euphoric crescendo of rhythmic synths, big drum beats, high voices, and groovy bass lines. “reach lines” has the ability to creep up on you and put you into a trance–even if you are not paying attention to it–making it the ultimate summer chillout song. the producer, chad valley, is from oxford, britain and composes many cross-genre chillout songs that are perfect for your backyard summer barbecue.

#musicmonday: “n’questia” by oppaa

get your week started off right with fresh tunes.

it’s getting hot out there! if you want to cool down a little, listen to “n’questia” by oppaa. at the outset, n’questia was a remix of adele‘s song, “melt my heart to stone,” but oppaa added enough syncopated drums and echoey vocals to transform his version into an entirely new song. mysteriously, very little is known about oppaa other than the fact that he is from vancouver, canada and that he has another song called “shifted,” which is a liquid drum and bass version of baby bash‘s “suga suga.” but stay on the lookout for his name…you’ll never know what new, impressive single he’ll come out with next.

#foodfriday: vegan coconut avocado ice cream

we’re ready to bring on summer, and nothing’s better in the summer than a cool treat– especially one that’s healthy, like vegan ice cream.  we are digging this recipe from pastry chef online for vegan coconut avocado ice cream with strawberry and pistachio, a super flavorful ice cream alternative that does not lack the creaminess of the traditional version!  take on this culinary endeavor and create a delicious home-made treat on those sweltering summer days.

head over to pastry chef online for the recipe!